Property & Pasture

Managing and Feeding Horses During Drought

Drought conditions in various parts of Australia have coupled with the arrival of the non-growing (winter)

Building Resilience and Drought-proofing Your Horse Property

Australia is a country in the grip of extreme weather bingo. Over the last year we


Enrichment means providing captive or domestic animals with a better housing situation and stimulation that replicate

Horse Health & Well-being

Horse with colic

Colic, Still the Number One Killer

Even though colic is a common ailment in horses, it can be mysterious and frightening for horse owners. Colic is a generalised term referring to any type of abdominal pain in the horse and most commonly originates from within the gastrointestinal tract, or gut. This article will focus on the

Horse Training

Why Does My Horse… Rear?

If you have a horse that rears, you will know that it is very dangerous behaviour and, as such, it is important to know why

Horse People & Culture

Believe in Yourself

On our July-August issue front cover, we feature Lisa Drayton and her Friesian Warmblood gelding Sam, photographed by Olya Tutova from 42beats Photography. Lisa featured

News & Science

saddle fit

Is Your New Saddle Symmetrical? Your Horse Isn’t!

Is your saddle perfectly symmetrical? Before you proudly say, “Yes, of course! I’d never have an asymmetrical saddle for my horse!”, consider this second, and

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Keep Them Safe With Horserail

Horse fencing has seen a great modernization over the last 20 years, with horse owners realizing that old fashioned wire and timber fencing really is

Protecting Queensland’s Horses is Now Easier

Many horse owners are developing action plans to keep them and their horses safe during natural disasters like bushfires and floods. But these are not

Feed Balancers: Much More Than Simple Nutrition

Very well-established in countries like the United Kingdom, where forage-based diets have been the traditional norm, feed balancers are becoming very popular in Australia as

Feeding for Weight Gain

Some horses do not maintain their bodyweight easily and it can prove a real challenge to keep them at an ideal weight. Ultimately, your horse’s

Horses and People in Art

Rider Well-being

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Horse Welfare

Young Riders’ Vision for Riding Schools

When it comes to horse (and rider) welfare, the “dreams of the youth” aren’t to be taken lightly. According to one Swedish researcher, professionals and scientists can learn a lot about developing more ideal riding schools tomorrow by listening to the young riders of today. Young people make up the majority of participants in riding schools, and they also tend to be highly aware of issues affecting both horses and humans in those schools. Concerned

Muscle tension above the equine eye is a sign of pain

Learn to Recognise the Subtle Signs of Pain

Horses are instinctively ‘stoic’, they do their best to mask all signs of pain in an effort to keep-up and blend-in with the rest of their herd. By the time your horse shows clear signs of lameness or injury, it is likely a lot of damage has already been done. Although they may not scream it loud and clear, horses do display subtle signs they are in pain and/or discomfort. As horse lovers, it is


Targeting your horse’s core strength

Have you heard about ‘carrot stretches’ or ‘pilates for horses’ where you entice your horse to bend or stretch with the help of a carrot?

The Science of Rugging Horses: What to use and when!

As we move towards winter and despite enjoying warm autumn days, the colder nights and mornings probably have most of us reaching for our body-warmers,

Snorting and chewing helps horses calm down when they are stressed

He sees a tree stump, and you roll your eyes… because you know what’s coming next. This is the part where your horse plants his

A Paradigm Shift: From Care to Welfare

As horse owners, we aim to provide the best welfare for our horses, but, what is good horse welfare? And, how can you determine or

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