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Keep Them Safe With Horserail

Horse fencing has seen a great modernization over the last 20 years, with horse owners realizing

Building Resilience and Drought-proofing Your Horse Property

Australia is a country in the grip of extreme weather bingo. Over the last year we


Enrichment means providing captive or domestic animals with a better housing situation and stimulation that replicate

Horse Health & Well-being

slow feeding hay net

Slow Your Horses Feeding Overnight

That midnight snack might not make your tummy very happy… But then again, you’re not a horse. To maintain your horse’s digestive health and general welfare, you should consider trickle feeding your  stabled horses during the night so as to better mimic natural foraging behaviours, according to an Irish researcher.

Horse Training

A Standardbred's track-to-hack journey

The Standardbred’s Track-to-Hack Journey Part 1: Settling in

We’re all excited to have Ideal Guy, aka ‘Andy the Standy’, at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC). It is with great pleasure that we join the fantastic cause of documenting the re-training of the Standardbred from harness racehorse to saddle horse, and we cannot thank Horses and People enough for

Horse People & Culture

Starting gate line up at Flemington Racetrack, the venue of the Melbourne Cup

Will You Watch the Melbourne Cup?

I loved the Melbourne Cup until I hated it, and then, later, became ambivalent. My ambivalence was hard-earned. As a child I found there was much to love about the cup. I was a horse-mad girl and for one day the rest of the nation got my passion. The whole

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The winner of the 2019 Melbourne Cup, Vow and Declare ridden by Craig Williams surrounded by an admiring public

Social Licence to Operate: The Life or Death of the Sport

There’s a new term out there in the horse world. And like rollkur, it promises to be a trendy one. It also promises to be a scary one. Social Licence to Operate—SLO for short—is the acceptance of our sport by the public. It’s a virtual licence given by a virtual

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Keep Them Safe With Horserail

Horse fencing has seen a great modernization over the last 20 years, with horse owners realizing that old fashioned wire and timber fencing really is not suitable for our beloved and easily startled animals. It is easy to see why Horserail is the number one choice for keeping our horses

Protecting Queensland’s Horses is Now Easier

Many horse owners are developing action plans to keep them and their horses safe during natural disasters like bushfires and floods. But these are not the only dangers from which owners need to protect their horses. Emergency animal diseases like equine influenza and Kunjin virus  can spread far and fast

Round Bale, Feed balancers, Feeding roughage

Feed Balancers: Much More Than Simple Nutrition

Very well-established in countries like the United Kingdom, where forage-based diets have been the traditional norm, feed balancers are becoming very popular in Australia as more and more horse owners get in step with the fibre-feeding mantra and move towards healthier, low-starch forage-rich diets for their horses and ponies. We

Feeding for Weight Gain

Some horses do not maintain their bodyweight easily and it can prove a real challenge to keep them at an ideal weight. Ultimately, your horse’s ribs should not be visible, but they should be easily felt if you run your hand along your horse’s side.  A common complaint from horse

Horse Welfare

A noseband that allows two adult fingers to fit between the nasal bones and the strap

Reviewed: ISES Position Statement on Noseband Use

In light of the findings of several recent noseband-related studies, this 2019 position statement by the International Society for Equitation Science replaces a previous version (2012) and reflects additional scientific

a view from the saddle of a horse's ears Australian horse register

AVA and EVA call for a national horse register

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has called upon the Australian government to implement a nationwide welfare standard and a register to protect the welfare of all horses, not just the

Human Mindset

How to take action

Taking Action – The Simple Guide

Ok, here it goes, I am saying the ‘P’ word… Procrastination! How often do we know we have to do

Three Steps to Developing Focus

We can ride with focus or we can ride while being distracted. The difference will be enormous. The distractions can

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Equitation Science

the happy horse

In Search of the Happy Horse

If you’ve been around horses long enough, you know the scene. A friend says, “Now that’s a happy horse! Just

Get involved

Get Involved in Improving the Communication of Science

The 15th International Equitation Science Conference, with the theme of ‘Bringing Science to the Stable’, kicked off on Sunday 18th

Horses and People in Art

Gypsy Cob photo by Rachel Flynn Equine Photography

My Journey Into the Unique Gypsy Cob

Sometimes, we have no idea where a road will lead us. We follow it because

Legacies of Strength: Aboriginal Stockwomen

From the point of first contact with European explorers and pastoralists, Indigenous Australians used art

horse welfare

It’s not just about your feelings, OK? The best end for a racehorse might be the knackery

In the varied responses to the ABC’s report into the fate of ex-racehorses, the consensus was that something should be done. Many have called for racehorse slaughter to be banned outright. This reaction differed significantly from that to footage of the mistreatment of livestock. Cattle and sheep are equally sentient

Dressage with learning theory

Boost your Dressage Scores Part 14 (final): Flying Changes

In this the final part of  this exclusive series, Manuela explains how to train flying changes and the common problems that arise during its training. In this series, Dr Andrew and Manuela McLean, Directors of Equitation Science International, explain dressage training and judging against the backdrop of learning theory and

Who is responsible

Who’s responsible for the slaughtered ex-racehorses, and what can be done?

This weekend saw protests at Caulfield racecourse, following a shocking report last week on the ABC’s 7:30 program on the fate of thousands of racehorses in Australia. It is a confronting wake-up call for an industry already struggling to maintain its social license to operate. Dozens of horses were recorded

Clipped horse

Is your horse normal? Now there’s an app for that

Since ancient times, horse behaviour, and the bond between horses and humans, has been a source of intrigue and fascination. The horse-lore that has accumulated over the centuries is a rich mix of both useful practice (approaching horses from their left side, making them slightly less reactive) and unsubstantiated myth,

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