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7 tips for reducing weight gain in horses and ponies

Seven tips to manage your horse’s weight

These challenging times are affecting every aspect of our lives, including, for many of us, how

Did you know the polypropylene of horse feedbags can be recycled into new products? War on Waste horse feedbags

War on Waste: Horse Feedbags

War on waste horse feedbags. Material: Feedbags are (generally) made from woven polypropylene. Abbreviated as PP,

Recycling soft plastics in a RedCycle Bin. War on waste for horse owners

War on Waste for Horse Owners: A Circular Economy

War on Waste for horse owners. The planet is drowning in plastic and, while a lot

Horse Training

The window of tolerance refers to the nervous system's comfort zone

Growing Your Horse’s Window of Tolerance

In an earlier article, I wrote about the window of tolerance, which is kind of like the horse’s emotional comfort zone. In this article, I discuss how you can grow your horse’s individual window of tolerance so they can become more resilient to the demands we impose. I also introduce

Horse People & Culture

©Louise Sedgman Photography

Riding Out 2020

Having access to horses is helping this young Victorian ride out the lockdown and ongoing challenges of 2020. On the front cover of the September-October 2020 edition of Horses and People Magazine we have a portrait by Louise Sedgman of Ashelee Capizzi and her first pony Mary. A veteran in

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welfare of working equids at Nepalese brick kilns

New Framework for Assessing the Welfare of Working Equids

The new framework aims to improve the lives of working equids in Nepalese brick kilns and beyond. Horses, donkeys, and mules working in the brick-building factories of Nepal have generally good body condition, and most are sound. But more than half have scars, wounds, and other skin issues, and many

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Protect your horse during travel

Protect Your Horse During Travel

HEALTH REPORT SPONSORED BY Fitton HorseInsure Top tips supported by recent research to help protect your horse during travel. Transporting horses might be part of the daily routine for many owners and trainers, but for horses, it is stressful, exhausting and carries a significant risk. There is a large amount of

Top reasons why you should vet check the next horse you buy

Pre-purchase Exams

HEALTH REPORT SPONSORED BY Fitton HorseInsure Why you should invest in a pre-purchase vet exam when buying your next horse Looking for a horse to buy? Whether you are buying your first horse or looking for another one to add to your collection, finding your ‘unicorn’ is the stuff dreams are

Equus Nexus giving Thoroughbreds the best chance for life

Equus Nexus: Giving Thoroughbreds the Best Chance – For Life

I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Mike Lawrence, founder of Equus Nexus, while he was starting a young racehorse of mine. Equus Nexus has several beautiful retired Thoroughbred racehorses and warmblood horses, in various stages of training. My interest was the retraining of Thoroughbred racehorse project that

Vet with stethoscope checking horse, handler is holding horse's head in hands. Surviving colic

Fast Referral Gives Horses The Best Chance For Surviving Colic

HEALTH REPORT SPONSORED BY Fitton HorseInsure Surviving Colic He’s down. He’s rolling. He’s up! … And, down again. Oh no, and now he’s got that look. The one that tells you, yeah, this seems pretty bad. For horse owners, few situations create more anxiety than finding your horse in the throes

Horse Welfare

Five Domains Model of Welfare

The 2020 Five Domains Model for Welfare Assessment

A new, updated version of the Five Domains Model, the gold standard in animal welfare assessment and monitoring, has just been published in the Open Access journal Animals. Read a

welfare of working equids at Nepalese brick kilns

New Framework for Assessing the Welfare of Working Equids

The new framework aims to improve the lives of working equids in Nepalese brick kilns and beyond. Horses, donkeys, and mules working in the brick-building factories of Nepal have generally

Human Mindset

Two friends leading their horses and enjoying each other's company. Helping each other with whatever struggle they are facing

It’s Time to Change the Culture

I want to comment on a recent article in Eurodressage by Adriane Alvord, “The Pain that Lives Behind the Barn

EquiCoach Lisa Ashton has launched the Equestrian Coach Challenge to support professionals through the coronavirus crisis

The Equestrian Coach Challenge

The coronavirus crisis is creating huge problems, but it’s also opening opportunities for us to focus on connecting with what

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Equitation Science

Jude Matusiewicz founder of Evidence Based Worming

Research to Lift the Veil on Bridles

Research on horse owners’ use of bitted and unbitted bridles, believed to be first of its kind, could change the

On-board Technology Helps Avoid Hyperflexion

When a horse is moving straight forward, it can be difficult for a rider to evaluate the horse’s head position.

Horses and People in Art

An example of Norman Thelwell's pony inspired comedy. pony stories

Little Riders and Cute Ponies: The World of Horse Book Illustration

Today we’re exploring pony stories and humorous cartoons. Pony stories feed our obsessions and provide

A portrait of Mademoiselle Croizette riding sidesaddle on a bay horse by artist Emile Carolus-Duran, 1873. history of rider wear

Dressed for the Ride: The history of rider wear

Rider wear is an area of sports clothing where history, function and symbolism are uniquely

3 benefitial stretches and core strengthening for your horse

3 Beneficial Stretches and Core Strengthening For Your Horse

3 beneficial stretches and core strengthening for your horse. As we learn more about the horse’s body and how things are connected, therapists are finding better ways of keeping our fur-kids safe, healthy and, most importantly, happy. There are many new fads that promise quick cures for imbalances, whether they

Mare and foal

Hairy Caterpillars: A Foal’s Life Saved

Abortions and premature births can happen when pregnant mares are accidentally exposed to some types of hairy caterpillar. In this article, Equine Reproduction Specialist Dr John Chopin shares a case that could have ended in tragedy but resulted in a healthy foal thanks to their early intervention. Take home message:

forage friends freedom are the things horses values. Quality of life

Mycotoxins in Horse Feeds

Mycotoxins are poisonous compounds that are naturally produced by certain types of moulds (fungi) which can contaminate horse feed and pasture plants. Although contamination of commercial horse feeds is not very common in Australia, it can occur, particularly under warm and rainy conditions. At the Fuelling Wellness Global Animal Nutrition

Horses are social and need contact with other horses

Researchers Compare the Welfare of Competition vs Leisure Horses

Tough question time. Which horses have better health and welfare: leisure-riding horses? Or competition horses? A recent Swiss study has just shown that competition horses generally face greater limitations on their movement freedom. But leisure horses tend to be more obese and have slightly poorer-fitting saddles. And meanwhile, both groups

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