Anticipation Builds for the 2021 Equitation Science Conference

Equitation Science studies horse and human interactions

Anticipation builds as the programme for this year’s International Equitation Science Conference is finalised.

The event, which is themed ‘Advancing Equestrian Practice to improve Equine Quality of Life’ takes place on 20th and 22nd October 2021 and it’s easy to attend; not only will all the talks be online (live and recorded for later viewing) but, for this one special event, all ISES members can attend for free.


Logo of the 2021 International Equitation Science Conference
The 2021 International Equitation Science Conference will take place online on 20th to 22nd October online, and is free for all members of the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES).

This year’s ‘Clever Hans’ talk, which features a distinguished researcher from a field outside equitation science, is Mike Mendl, Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Bristol University in the UK.

In his talk, ‘Researching Cognitive Bias and Affective States’, Prof. Mendl will share his extensive knowledge and research findings in the areas of animal emotion, cognition and decision making, to provoke consideration of how this knowledge can be applied in an equitation context.

This is a not-to-be-missed learning opportunity that is sure to spark ideas for developing new ways of assessing horses’ mental state scientifically and in terms of their ability to thrive and have a life worth living.

An exciting line up of well-respected and emerging scientists who are researching in the field of human-horse interactions will be grouped into the following themed sessions:

  1. Tools for Change – where scientists and practitioners will come together to explore the latest research about equine training cognition and performance,
  2. Science with Impact – focussing on methods for measuring and monitoring the effects of different training approaches, use of equipment and rider psychology,
  3. Communication for Change – covering approaches to advancing equitation and performance through effective dissemination of evidence-based information, and,
  4. Education for Change – opportunities to empower existing and future generations through challenging thinking and practices and developing knowledge about equine welfare needs.

The sessions contain 4 plenary and 4 keynote presentations by distinguished equitation scientists, as well as short summaries of 20 brand new, unpublished research projects from all around the world.

ISES membership will grant you access to the full conference, including the recordings, and starts from as little as £20 for the year.

To choose your membership option with conference registration included – click here

This could be the last time the International Equitation Science Conference is held online, so get in quick!
It is hoped that with the easing of lockdown restrictions, the 2022 ISES Conference will be face-to-face, and take place at Hartpury in the UK during the summer months.


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