Cristina Wilkins

View from the saddle

Maintaining good relationships, managing horse welfare and risk, are all important concerns in equestrian communities. A new study, however, reports that a pervasive culture of ‘bravery’, which requires participants to prove themselves tough enough to belong, comes at a costly price. In a compelling study, Rosalie Jones McVey from theRead More →

Bone damage at site of noseband

A new study has identified bone damage at the site of the noseband. This research has important ramifications regarding the use of this part of the bridle which is not only common, but compulsory in certain disciplines, like dressage and showing. The changes were either thickening (exostoses) or thinning (concavity)Read More →

©Louise Sedgman Photography

Having access to horses is helping this young Victorian ride out the lockdown and ongoing challenges of 2020. On the front cover of the September-October 2020 edition of Horses and People Magazine we have a portrait by Louise Sedgman of Ashelee Capizzi and her first pony Mary. A veteran inRead More →

Louise Sedgman photography Horses and People July-August cover

Horses and People cover story The July-August edition of Horses and People magazine’s front cover features up-and-coming youth Sara Leitch riding her mother’s Paint horse Duke (a.k.a. BPS I’m Obsessed), by the Quarter Horse An Obsession, and out of Ransoms First Priority.  The beautiful and serene scene captured by LouiseRead More →