Cristina Wilkins

Equitation Science Workshops an online event August 2020

Equitation Science Equitation Welfare Workshops: An online event ‘Agency and its effects on the sport horse’ with Dr Andrew McLean (Equitation Science International) is an online event that will take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August 2020. The workshop will serve as a warmup event for The HappyRead More →

Three men in World War One AIF Lighthorse uniforms, slouch hat with feather mounted on horseback. Horses are tacked with replica Lighthorse military tack. Beside them stand a woman in Nurse outfit. Commemorating Rememberance Day. ANZAC Day. Lest We Forget

Horse Owners asked to step out for ANZAC Day With ANZAC day commemorative events cancelled, Horse SA has invited horse owners and their steeds to stand at the end of their driveway, to commemorate the sacrifices of humans and animals in war. The idea of standing at the end ofRead More →

African horse sickness (AHS) is a highly infectious and deadly disease. It affects horses, mules, and donkeys. Zebras carry the disease but are rarely affected.

African horse sickness (AHS) is a highly infectious and deadly disease caused by African horse sickness virus. It commonly affects horses, mules, and donkeys. It is caused by a virus of the genus Orbivirus belonging to the family Reoviridae. This disease can be caused by any of the nine serotypesRead More →

Kate Fenner riding her horse within the engagement bubble. The confident horse. Riding confidence and online horse training

Online horse training. With the current global crisis, what we, as horse lovers and riders need today more than ever before, is community and connection. The Kandoo Community is a group of like-minded, supportive horse owners and riders who would love to welcome you to their tribe. Founder, Kate Fenner,Read More →