Linda Zupanc

Risk Management Plan, Fires, Image of horse in paddock while fire rages in the backgroundPhoto Credit: Noah Berger, Special To The Chronicle

Risk Management Plan This information about fire risk management planning has been compiled by the Queensland Horse Council Inc. to assist horse owners to prepare and respond to bush fires. Reproduced with kind permission. Before the Fire In times of crisis, people worry not only about their family and propertyRead More →

Caring for senior horses 29 year old Thoroughbred mare, autumn tones

Caring for Senior Horses Caring for senior horses: The Veterinary profession is learning a lot more about how to care for older horses in the areas of prevention AND cure. This fact sheet will give you an overview of the health care strategies that will give your ageing horse the bestRead More →

Horse float with bay horse on board. Horse transport. Emergency Evacuation.

Emergency Evacuation Plan Do you have an Emergency Evacuation Plan? Can you get all your horses out, before a natural disaster hits? How? And where will you go? A plan is essential for all horse owners. The emergency event management approach needs to vary with each type of emergency eventRead More →