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dressage horses stand around at a competition

When human and equine athletes get separated for several weeks—such as during lockdown—physical and emotional strain can lead to anxiety, poor performance, and even reduced welfare, according to a new study. Elite three-day eventing riders isolated from their horses for eight weeks during Italy’s Covid-19 movement restrictions did not rideRead More →

a grey horse touches the man's hand gently with his muzzle

Change is in the air in the equestrian world. It’s not a storm, yet, but there’s definitely enough breeze to fly a kite.  Traditionalism, creaking and complaining, is starting to rustle in the wind as science begins to nudge it persistently. It’s an exciting time, we are uncovering and sheddingRead More →

horse riders receiving a lesson

How do we keep learning? In a previous article I spoke about the importance of trusting your ‘gut feeling’ – the intuition you have of whether the advice is good for you – before you receive that advice. This time, I want to discuss what to do when you don’tRead More →

View from the saddle

Maintaining good relationships, managing horse welfare and risk, are all important concerns in equestrian communities. A new study, however, reports that a pervasive culture of ‘bravery’, which requires participants to prove themselves tough enough to belong, comes at a costly price. In a compelling study, Rosalie Jones McVey from theRead More →

Two friends on horseback

How do you recover when someone questions your self-worth? I think we have all experienced moments when someone has made us feel unworthy. This sometimes takes the form of bullying, but other times it is very quiet and dismissive. Either way it hurts! Let’s be honest and admit that thisRead More →