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Louise Sedgman photography Horses and People July-August cover

Horses and People cover story The July-August edition of Horses and People magazine’s front cover features up-and-coming youth Sara Leitch riding her mother’s Paint horse Duke (a.k.a. BPS I’m Obsessed), by the Quarter Horse An Obsession, and out of Ransoms First Priority.  The beautiful and serene scene captured by LouiseRead More →

Original artwork of Barmah Brumbies by Yvette Frahn, Spirit of Equine

A decision by Parks Victoria to eradicate all brumbies from the Barmah National Park within the next three years has intensified the clash between conservation agencies and brumby advocates. One side considers free-roaming horses to be destructive, invasive pests that don’t belong in the Australian landscape. The other believes thatRead More →

Rising to the Challenge: Gippsland Horse and Stock Safe - Bushfire Assistance. Bushfire Relief

Throughout spring and summer, Australia has been burning. Although every state has a bushfire season, the scale of devastation and areas impacted during the 2019-2020 fire season have been unprecedented. Nearly 12 million hectares land have burnt, killing 33 people and an estimated 1.5 billion native animals, destroying thousands ofRead More →