Horses and People in Art

An example of Norman Thelwell's pony inspired comedy. pony stories

Today we’re exploring pony stories and humorous cartoons. Pony stories feed our obsessions and provide insight into the skills and ethics of horsemanship and horse care. Beautifully illustrated pony stories also stimulate an appreciation of art and an interest in drawing. Some pony books, the ones we are looking atRead More →

Uncorns in art. The unicorn

…And “the Loveliest of All” was the Unicorn! This month we explore the unicorn; from its distinctly not-so-cute past in myth, art and history to its sparkly, commodified image today. One characteristic of the unicorn that rings true for today’s horse people lies in the unicorn’s perennial concern in helpingRead More →

Bailed Up by Tom Roberts Legends of the bush

The horse in Australia has played a central role in the formation of our national identity. The distinctive Australian values of mateship, toughness, anti-authoritarianism, and concern for the ‘battler’ were carved out in the presence of horses. From the ponies who arrived here on the First Fleet in January 1788,Read More →