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An endoscopic examination of a horse's airway

We all know that asthma is a common respiratory disorder in people but, did you know that horses get asthma too?  “Equine asthma” is a broad term that has recently been used to describe a spectrum of non-infectious respiratory diseases in horses, previously known as broken wind, heaves, chronic obstructiveRead More →

Horse management through the seasons. managing worms in horses.

Use this year-round guide for managing worms, particularly small strongyles, in healthy, adult horses from the age of 3 years. Young horses, broodmares, seniors and horses with health conditions (e.g. Cushings) require a tailored worm control program. MOST IMPORTANTLY always integrate FECs with good pasture hygiene and horse husbandry strategies.Read More →

A veterinarian listens to the heart rate of a chesnut horse. pre-purchase veterinary exam

Pre-purchase veterinary exams: Hindsight is a wonderful thing and buying horses is a risky business. While there is no such thing as a perfect horse, a pre-purchase exam can answer many questions about the likely significance of an abnormality and likely long-term prognosis to protect you, the purchaser, from buyingRead More →

A racehorse ridden bit-free has a much easier time breathing.

Bit-free Despite overwhelming proof that horses can be ridden and driven bit-free, riders and drivers who enjoy competitive sports are widely prevented from making this choice for themselves and their horses because relatively few of the disciplines’ equipment rules allow ‘bitless’ bridles. A growing number of groups are lobbying sport’sRead More →

The Nuchal Ligament Lamellae

Our knowledge of equine anatomy may be based on outdated findings and needs to be revised. According to the anatomy books that, to date, have served as study reference to veterinarians and practitioners around the world, the nuchal ligament lamellae attaches from C2 to C6 or C2 to C7. However,Read More →

Introduction by Cristina Wilkins A little over a year ago, the Australian racing industry was rocked by news that traces of banned anabolic steroids had been detected in products that are regularly administered to performance mares around the world. Despite being linked to a permitted drug, the finding resulted inRead More →

Bay horse cantering in paddock. Thoroughbred welfare. Horse Joints and Supplements

Horse Joints and Supplements: Joint issues are one of the major issues that all horse owners face. This article aims to provide a general understanding of basic concepts around joint health.  Importantly, the take home message from this article is that, when it comes to joint structure, joint function andRead More →