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equine worm control

Worm control. Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Queensland, Dr Anne Beasley, explains the importance of sustainable worm control and why we must no longer rely on the old-school interval treatment regime. This article provides all the basics on parasite biology and the drugs available for treatment. This knowledgeRead More →

Two grey horses greeting each other. A good life. Breeding Thoroughbreds

Breeding Thoroughbreds. August 1 is considered the birthday of each and every Australian Thoroughbred racehorse and the official “horse birthday” in the southern hemisphere, no matter what date they were actually born. (The “horse birthday” date is January 1 for Thoroughbreds in the northern hemisphere.) The annual Thoroughbred breeding seasonRead More →

Farrier attaching a poly horse shoe to a horse's hoof. Plastic Horse Shoes.

Plastic Horse Shoes: Better Than Barefoot? It’s an iconic sound alright; a metal-shod horse travelling on hard ground. Some would say it’s music to a horseman’s ears. But what you’re hearing is high-frequency vibration; the tiny portion of vibrating energy that escapes the impact zone and disperses through the air.Read More →

Horse hooves standing on concrete surface. No foot no horse

No foot, no horse! The old saying still rings true today… The more we learn about horses’ feet and the connection between healthy feet and a healthy upper body, the more we realise how important it is to consider our horse’s feet in relation to their general health and wellbeing.Read More →