Horse Health (Page 6)

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Close up of horse bleeding from nose. Exercise-induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

History and presenting complaint  Exercise-induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage: Poor athletic performance or expistaxis (bleeding from the nose) are the most common presenting complaints for horses with exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage or EIPH. Epistaxis (bleeding from the nose) generally occurs during or shortly after exercise and is first noticed at the end ofRead More →

Horse in stable, behind bars with quarantine tape in foreground. Biosecurity. Equine Herpes Virus

Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) causes horse owners and breeders a large amount of concern due to its potentially devastating effects.  The virus is ever-present in the horse population worldwide and cases of Herpes virus infection are seen sporadically across Australia. It can cause mild to life-threatening disease affecting the respiratoryRead More →

Gelding or stallion rolling, common problems of the penis or sheath

Common Problems of the Penis and Sheath Although not exactly every person’s favourite subject, a gelding or stallion’s penis and sheath are prone to a number of problems. As Dr Natasha Hovanessian from the Canberra Equine Hospital explains, being a very sensitive area of a male horse’s anatomy that allows theRead More →