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Mare and foal

Abortions and premature births can happen when pregnant mares are accidentally exposed to some types of hairy caterpillar. In this article, Equine Reproduction Specialist Dr John Chopin shares a case that could have ended in tragedy but resulted in a healthy foal thanks to their early intervention. Take home message:Read More →

Introduction by Cristina Wilkins A little over a year ago, the Australian racing industry was rocked by news that traces of banned anabolic steroids had been detected in products that are regularly administered to performance mares around the world. Despite being linked to a permitted drug, the finding resulted inRead More →

Two grey horses greeting each other. A good life. Breeding Thoroughbreds

Breeding Thoroughbreds. August 1 is considered the birthday of each and every Australian Thoroughbred racehorse and the official “horse birthday” in the southern hemisphere, no matter what date they were actually born. (The “horse birthday” date is January 1 for Thoroughbreds in the northern hemisphere.) The annual Thoroughbred breeding seasonRead More →

Equine Science Embryo Transfer

Is the equine science of embryo transfer ethical? The practice of equine embryo transfer is becoming more and more accessible to breeders as a way of obtaining offspring from mares who might be compromised through age, fertility problems or injury in their ability to produce a healthy foal, or fromRead More →

equestrian sport

Upper respiratory infections are a significant problem across all equine industries and within the racing industry, in particular. Studies have demonstrated considerable economic losses resulting from subclinical disease (when horses don’t look obviously sick, but are performing below expectations) – from acute infection (when horses have nasal discharge, a coughRead More →