Gelding or stallion rolling, common problems of the penis or sheath

Common Problems of the Penis and Sheath Although not exactly every person’s favourite subject, a gelding or stallion’s penis and sheath are prone to a number of problems. As Dr Natasha Hovanessian from the Canberra Equine Hospital explains, being a very sensitive area of a male horse’s anatomy that allows theRead More →

Greasy Heal, Mud Fever

Greasy Heel, also known as Mud Fever, Swamp Fever, Mud Rash or Cracked Heels, is a descriptive term, not a diagnosis. Although it’s a relatively common presentation, horse owners tend to underestimate how complex this skin disorder may be, particularly in chronic cases. From minor infections to chronic granulomatous lesions,Read More →

Horse standing in mud. Why does my horse get scabby legs when it's wet?

A common problem seen when we have rain. Lets see what our 4 experts have to say about it. by Dr Craig Simon BVSc, All Horses Vet Services The skin normally provides a protective barrier to the body, but if this barrier is broken, infection can occur resulting in scabby andRead More →