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Evidence Based

Alistair McLean with the retired Standardbred Ideal Guy, rehoming retraining the standardbred racehorse. Ground work

Ground work. Welcome to Part 2 of the Unharnessed Potential project, an education and awareness campaign to promote the re-training and re-homing of Standardbreds that retire from racing.  In this article series, Alistair McLean from the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre is documenting the re-training process of ‘Ideal Guy’ (a.k.a Andy),Read More →

Track-to-Hack. A Standardbred track to hack journey, rehoming retraining the standardbred racehorse

Track-to-Hack. In order to improve racehorse wastage statistics, in 2014, Horses and People Magazine launched an awareness and education campaign to encourage leisure and sport riders to take Standardbred racehorses from track to hack. Racehorse wastage is the term that refers to the number of horses that are removed from the racing industry. DespiteRead More →

Lateral Movements. Boost your dressage scores. Shoulder in, Travers and Renvers

Lateral movements: Shoulder in, Travers and Renvers In the previous article, Manuela McLean explained how to ride a good test and, this month, she begins to wind the series down with lateral movements – the gateway to developing and testing your horse’s ability to collect. Lateral movements During this series,Read More →