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Evidence Based

Dressage with learning theory. Training strategies

Training strategies. In Part 2 of this exclusive series, Manuela McLean makes sense of the current judging system against the backdrop of learning theory and the equitation science training scale,  helping you develop clear strategies to improve your horse’s dressage training and your next competition performance. Dressage judges play anRead More →

Adult instructor with child on pony in arena. From Little Trainers, Big Trainers Grow. Teaching kids to train their ponies.

Teaching kids to train their ponies, and not just ‘ride them’, greatly boosts their confidence and learning. Kids as young as six easily learn and understand the basic principles of horse training, such as pressure-release, rewards, timing and one signal for one response. In this exclusive series, Manuela McLean co-founderRead More →

Jigger in use by jockey Roman Chapa by Coady Photography. Jiggers in horse racing

Jiggers in horse racing: Trainer Darren Weir will not contest three charges for alleged possession of electronic devices used to give shocks to horses, according to a statement released by Racing Victoria earlier today. The statement says assistant trainer Jarrod McLean will contest a charge for allegedly possessing a similarRead More →