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Horses are social and need contact with other horses

Tough question time. Which horses have better health and welfare: leisure-riding horses? Or competition horses? A recent Swiss study has just shown that competition horses generally face greater limitations on their movement freedom. But leisure horses tend to be more obese and have slightly poorer-fitting saddles. And meanwhile, both groupsRead More →

Horse transport World Horse Welfare

That last truck ride. It’s like they know it’s their last. Horses loading into trucks headed for the slaughterhouse often rear, kick, paw, defecate, refuse to move, or charge abruptly the opposite direction, leading to injuries to themselves, to other horses, and to handlers, scientists say. High stress levels alsoRead More →

Equitation Science Workshops an online event August 2020

Can sport horses be happy? The first ever Equitation Welfare Workshop took place on 1st & 2nd August and was attended by delegates from Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, The Netherlands and Italy. Owing to COVID-19, this technology-driven, collaborative workshop was a ‘pivot’ from the originally planned ‘Happy Athlete’ conference proposedRead More →

Brumby welfare assessment that is evidence based

Brumby welfare If people would just leave brumbies, mustangs, and other free-roaming horses alone, they’d be able to live peaceful, happy lives with good welfare. Right? Maybe. Or maybe not. Judging the welfare of wild, free-roaming animals actually isn’t something scientists have had the means to do, until now. AustralianRead More →