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a view from the saddle of a horse's ears. Call for national horse register

Call for National Horse Register. The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has called upon the Australian government to implement a nationwide welfare standard and a register to protect the welfare of all horses, not just the racehorses. Their official statement reinforces that the footage as reported on the ABC’s ‘The 7.30Read More →

Bay horse cantering in paddock. Thoroughbred welfare. Horse Joints and Supplements

After two years of consultation with industry experts, welfare advocacy groups and animal welfare scientists, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) have released their comprehensive and progressive Thoroughbred Welfare Guidelines. They can be viewed and downloaded here. The time spent developing these guidelines, and the rules which support them, was necessaryRead More →

In a race without whips there would still be a winner. Longer careers would help reduce slaughter. Slaughter of racehorses

The slaughter of racehorses bred in Australia, as revealed in the ABC’s investigation, highlights the challenge of what to do with racehorses when their careers are over. The ABC has questioned the racing industry’s claim that fewer than 1% of horses retiring from racing each year end up at anRead More →

horse welfare. recognise signs of distress, racehorse slaughter

Racehorse slaughter. In the varied responses to the ABC’s report into the fate of ex-racehorses, the consensus was that something should be done. Many have called for racehorse slaughter to be banned outright. This reaction differed significantly from that to footage of the mistreatment of livestock. Cattle and sheep areRead More →

Who is responsible. Slaughter of horses

Slaughter of horses. This weekend saw protests at Caulfield racecourse, following a shocking report last week on the ABC’s 7:30 program on the fate of thousands of racehorses in Australia. It is a confronting wake-up call for an industry already struggling to maintain its social license to operate. Dozens ofRead More →

Rider Balance. The effect of horse rider weight being measured with a saddle pressure pad. Horse rider weight gain.

Rider balance. If you were an imbalanced rider, wouldn’t you notice that? Not necessarily, scientists say. People usually feel their own natural asymmetry as symmetrical. Their horses, however, would notice—managing uneven weight across their backs which might even make them compensate by becoming asymmetrical themselves. “For the welfare of theRead More →

Brumby mare and foal. Wild brumbies

Wild brumbies. Dr Andrea Harvey is a veterinary specialist and animal welfare scientist, who is currently writing up her PhD research on the welfare and social dynamics of wild brumbies in New South Wales and Victoria. She grew up on the Island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, she trainedRead More →

horse eye. animal sentience

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is the first jurisdiction in Australia to in law that animals are sentient and have intrinsic value. The Animal Sentience Act applies to all vertebrate species (including wildlife and fish) and cephalopods (octopus etc) and some crustaceans. While Australia’s national and state legislation already recognisedRead More →