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Celebrate the dung beetles

Encouraging dung beetles in horse properties: Dung beetles are very cool creatures! They eat and bury your horse or cattle’s poo, control insects and parasites, de-compact soil, cycle nutrients and hydrate your pasture – and they do it all for free. Dung beetle behaviour has fascinated humans for thousands ofRead More →

Did you know the polypropylene of horse feedbags can be recycled into new products? War on Waste horse feedbags

War on waste horse feedbags. Material: Feedbags are (generally) made from woven polypropylene. Abbreviated as PP, it is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer widely used in many different products. PP is rugged and resistant to different chemical solvents, acids, and bases. Reusable: Yes! Used, empty feedbags can be turned into aRead More →

two horses stand as huge trees burn all around them in the 2020 Australian bushfires. Architects offer free aid to bushfire victims

Architects offer free aid to bushfire victims Heartbreakingly, thousands of homes and farms in Australia have been destroyed or damaged by this summer’s devastating bushfires and in response, architects across the nation have put up their hands to help. Over 400 local architectural practices have signed up to Architects AssistRead More →

Brown horse drinking from creek. Building Resilience and Drought-proofing Your Horse Property

Drought-proofing horse properties. Australia is a country in the grip of extreme weather bingo. Over the last year we have seen record temperatures, prolongued dry conditions in some areas whilst in others, the drought broke with devastating floods and damage. Australia is, of course, no stranger to extreme weather, butRead More →

Horse herd standing in paddock. Positive change, enrichment. Social media reaction to horse welfare

Enrichment means providing captive or domestic animals with a better housing situation and stimulation that replicate more closely what they would have available to them in their natural setting. The notion of enrichment for captive animals is a relatively new concept that started in places where animals are on show,Read More →