Equitation Science

Donkeys have different heads to horses

Whorl judging of horse temperament and personality may have found its scientific grounding. Ever notice that donkeys have very different temperaments compared to horses? Ever notice that donkeys have very different heads compared to horses? If you’re starting to think now that those differences could be linked, you might beRead More →

Bone damage at site of noseband

A new study has identified bone damage at the site of the noseband. This research has important ramifications regarding the use of this part of the bridle which is not only common, but compulsory in certain disciplines, like dressage and showing. The changes were either thickening (exostoses) or thinning (concavity)Read More →

Horses are social and need contact with other horses

Tough question time. Which horses have better health and welfare: leisure-riding horses? Or competition horses? A recent Swiss study has just shown that competition horses generally face greater limitations on their movement freedom. But leisure horses tend to be more obese and have slightly poorer-fitting saddles. And meanwhile, both groupsRead More →