Equitation Science

Two racehorses exercising in Newmarket early in the morning

The problems surrounding the recruitment, training and retention of stable staff in horseracing extend beyond the early starts. For at least half a century, the multi-billion-pound horseracing industry in the UK has had a hard time keeping staff on board. And that’s not because of the early morning hours orRead More →

dressage horses stand around at a competition

When human and equine athletes get separated for several weeks—such as during lockdown—physical and emotional strain can lead to anxiety, poor performance, and even reduced welfare, according to a new study. Elite three-day eventing riders isolated from their horses for eight weeks during Italy’s Covid-19 movement restrictions did not rideRead More →

Donkeys have different heads to horses

Whorl judging of horse temperament and personality may have found its scientific grounding. Ever notice that donkeys have very different temperaments compared to horses? Ever notice that donkeys have very different heads compared to horses? If you’re starting to think now that those differences could be linked, you might beRead More →