Inside this issue:

Major Feature – Dental Anatomy – By Shannon Lee Written by Shannon Lee

Breed Feature – Welsh Written by breed association

Rehab Story – By Kelsie Corbin Written by Kelsie Corbin

Ideal Guy’s Track to Hack Story – Part 3 Written by Alistair McLean

Benefits of Fat – By Hygain Written by Hygain

Collection – What is it and how do you achieve it? – By Kathrin Kienapfel Written by Kathrin Kienapfel

Equine Herpes Virus – By Emily Mabbott Written by Emily Mabbott

Desensitising to leg protection,bits and saddles – By Lindsey Vincent Written by Lindsey Vincent

Pilates for Horse – Part 6 – By Gillian Higgins Written by Gillian Higgins

Exploring Australia’s Horse Heritage – By Kirsten Wehner Written by Kirsten Wehner

Improving Welfare through Education – By the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust Written by Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

Rider Profile – Hannah Lonergan Written by Hannah Lonergan

Horse Law: Vet Check – By Greer Oliver Written by Greer Oliver

Herb – Yarrow Written by Hetty Tapper