Inside this issue:

Are Genetics Enough, for producing the ultimate equine athlete? Written by Dr John Chopin

Equine Health Insurance (Advertorial) Written by Fittone Insurance

Feeding the Broodmare Written by Hygain – Dr Tania Cubitt

The Fell Pony Written by The Australian Pony Stud Book Society

Boost Your Dressage Scores with Learning Theory – Part 6 (Straightness) Written by Manuela McLean

Breeding Your Mare? 5 Legal Issues You Need to Know Written by Priscilla Blackadder

Preparing Your Mare for Pregnancy Written by WestVets – Dr Kately McNicol

Keeping Them Healthy & Sound (Advertorial) Written by Canterflex

Does Magnesium Calm Your Horse? Written by Karen Richardson

How to Choose A Western Saddle (Part 2) Written by Jeanne O’Malley

A Career in Hoofcare? Written by Andrew Bowe

Horse Feeding:  Fads & Fiction (Part 2) Written by Larissa Bilston

Weaning Strategy The best time to wean may be never Written by Cristina Wilkins and Amanda Warren-Smith

Difficult Students (Advertorial) Written by Bert Hartog

Rider Profile Written by Emma Mason

Herb – Passion Flower Written by Hetty Tapper