Inside this issue:

Riding Out the Monsoon Written by Cristina Wilkins. Cover photo by Louise Sedgeman

Life After Racing: Tramel Park Standardbreds Written by Alex Mullarky

The Freedom Rider Written by Alexandria Bailey

Grass Farmers: August The Holding Yard Written by Jane & Stuart Myers

Grass of month: Wallaby Grass Weed: Capeweed Written by Cristina Wilkins

Equine Permaculture: Your Pasture Pharmacy Part 3: Foraging Challenges Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

EDV: Your Horse’s Signs of Health: Part 2 Written by Rachel O’Higgins

The Ups and Downs of Horse Breeding Written by Dr John Chopin

Forage in Your Horse’s Diet Written by Hygain – Tania Cubitt

Stifle Pain: A Holistic Approach Written by Dr Grant Harris

Horse Facility (re)Design: Part 5 Accommodating Horse Behaviour Written by Leonie Lee

Horse Training Course: Learning to Give Part: From the Saddle Written by Kate Fenner

Mindset for Success: Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves? Written by Tanja Mitton

Golden Seal Written by Hetty Tapper

Horse Science Horse Sense: Find the Truth in Dogma Written by David Stang

Green Pony: Rising to the Challenge Written by Jill Griffiths