Inside this issue:

Congenital Dental Abnormalities Written by EDV – Dr Shannon Lee

Managing Obesity Written by Hygain – Dr Tania Cubitt

The PRE Horse (Pura Raza Española) Written by Rebecca Power

Boost Your Dressage Scores – Part 10 Riding the Test Written by Manuela McLean

Surviving the Summer Heat Written by WestVests – Dr Katelyn McNicol

Horse Insurance – Is It Worth It? Written by Fitton Insure

Any Itchy Subject: Skin Disease Written by Dr Chris Heislers

Preventing Nuisance Flies (Advertorial) Written by Pharmachem

Sustainable Pastures for Horses (Advertorial) Written by Native Seeds – Ian Chivers

Vale ‘Puddles’ The horse that transformed the hoofcare industry…. forever Written by Andrew Bowe

Australian Horse Transporation Research Written by Barbara Padalino / Cristina Wilkins

Working with the Beginner Rider  Written by Bert Hartog

Rider Profile Written by Nicole Linic

Chaste Tree Written by Hetty Tapper