Inside this issue:

Ulcers Written by Dr Andrew Lamont – EDV

Chronic Weight Loss in Horses Written by Tania Cubbitt – Hygain

The Caspian Written by Jenne Timbs on behalf of the Australasian Caspian Society Inc

Ideal Guy’s Track to hack Story – Andys Equitana Experience Written by Alistair McLean

Standardbred Unfettered Written by Andrew Bowe

Myth Busters – Does the administration of beer or whiskey assist in themedical resolutio of colic? Written by Raelene Harrison

Myth Busters – Are pumpkin seeds a natural way of keeping a horse’s parasite at bay? Written by Kirsten Mihas

Myth BustersDo bitted bridles cause pain and misbehaviour? Written by Judith Matusiewicz

Planning for Emergencies  Written by Larissa Bilston

Proud Flesh  Written by Beth Charles (Westvets)

Drought Feeding  Written by Larissa Bilston

A Jump Ahead – with Jen Hamilton – Part 7. The course walk  Written by Jen Hamilton

Sometimes Less is More  Written by Bert Hartog

Equine Sports Conditioning  Written by Adrienne Tomkinson

Exploring Australia’s Horse Heritage at the national musem of Australia Written by Jennifer Wilson

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate  Written by Priscilla Blackadder

Herb – Celery Seed  Written by Hetty Tapper