Inside this Issue:

Cover photo – Maddy Lee, Jorja McCloskey, Dani Armistead Written by Priyantha Malavi Arachchi (Mal)

Little riders and their cute ponies: The world of horse book illustration Written by Dr Georgina Downey

Future Proofing Pony Club with an Evidence Base Written by Dr Portland Jones

Horse Fencing Part 3: The ins and outs of gates Written by Dr Carol Stephens

Planting trees and shrubs for long-term land resilience Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Centrefold: Small Strongyle Worm Management Guide Written by Jude Matusiewicz

Getting the best from pre-purchase exams Written by Dr Olivia James

End of life decisions and the problems with horse slaughter Written by Dr Andrea Harvey

From Little trainers great trainers grow: Part 5 settling in your new pony Written by Manuela McLean

Build your horse’s confidence with combined reinforcement Written by Kate Fenner

Not in front of the Ponies! Horses more sensitive to our moods than we thought Written by Christa Leste-Laserre

Social Licence to Operate Written by Christa Leste-Laserre

War on waste: The circular economy Written by Cristina Wilkins

War on waste: Feedbags Written by Cristina Wilkins

A New Year… A new you?  Written by Tanja Mitton

Aspen Bach Flower Essence Written by Hetty Tapper

Show on the road: Camp oven nachos and power banks Written by Show on the road

Green Pony: Delightfully uneventful Written by Jill Griffiths