Inside this issue:

Cover Story: Memories made on horseback (Sarah Leitch) Written by Cristina Wilkins

Cover photo by Louise Sedgman

A wild horse fantasy Written by Denzil O’Brien

‘Les Écuyères and the Art of Haute École’ Written by Dr Georgina Downey

Fencing series  Written by Dr Carol Stephens

Get to Know Your Grasses, Part 2, Cool season grasses Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Pre-purchase Exams Written by Fitton HorseInsure

The Hype about the hyoid Written by Dr Lesley Goff

Targeting your horse’s core strength: Beneficial stretches Written by Dr Lena Clifford

Tight nosebands: A feel-good shortcut to nowhere Written by Natascha van Eijk

Helping Horse People get along: Six blind men and an elephant Written by Dr Kirrilly Thompson

Inside Out: A Social Licence to Operate Written by Lisa Ashton

Setting good ground rules: Part 3 ‘Park’  Written by Sophie Wyllie

Targeting relaxation Written by Kate Fenner

Making success a habit Written by Tanja Mitton

Herbal sense: Parsley Written by Hetty Tapper

Show on the road: Campfire cooked caramel dumplings Written by Peter Wolfe

Green Pony Blog: Unravelling the mystery Written by Jill Griffiths