Inside this issue:

Cover by Louise Sedgman Equine Photography

Cover story: Everyday Horse Heroes Written by Cristina Wilkins

The Horse’s Advocate (Ang Lea) Written by Alex Mullarky

Pasture Bites: June 2017 What Else is in Your Paddock? Written by Jill Griffiths

Plant of month: Clover / Weed: Johnson Grass Written by Cristina Wilkins

Equine Permaculture: Your Pasture Pharmacy Part 1: An introduction to the Grazing Life of Horses Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Identifying Horses with Laminitis Written by EDV – Dr Luke Wells-Smith

Feeding for Joint Health Written by Hygain – Stephen Duren

Upper Respiratory Infections and Herpes Virus Written by Dr Corinne Hills

Researchers Publish New Forage Feeding Recommendations: Part 3: Amount, Timing and Texture Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

The ‘Head Down’ Lesson Made Easy Written by Kate Fenner

Horse Facility (re)Design: Part 4 The Provision of Shelter, Comfort and Rest Written by Leoni Lee

Five Thinks I Learned From Having My Nails ‘Done’ Written by Sarah Kuyken

Rebuilding Confidence Written by Tanja Mitton

Hops Written by Hetty Tapper

Green Pony – A Real Journey Written by Jill Griffiths