Inside this issue:

Major Feature – Common Problems of the Equine Penis and Sheath – Written by Dr Natasha Hovanessian

Penile Pampering – Written by Katelyn McNicol

Forage the key to health – Written by Hygain

Breed Feature – The Appaloosa Written by the Appaloosa Association of Australia

Ideal Guy’s track to Hack Story – Part 2 Settling in to a new environment  Written by Alistair McLean

Facts On Ulcers – Written by Dr Emanuela Valle

What Causes Fizz? – Written by Kentucky Equine Research

Fact Sheet – Healthy Transport – Written by Cristina Wilkins

Fact Sheet – Written by Richard L’Estrange

Post Foaling – Written by Katelyn McNicol

Desensitising for stress-free husbandry – Written by Lindsey Vincent

Equine Behaviour  through Time- Written by Dr Sid Gustafson

Pilates for Horses – Part 5 – Written by Gillian Higgins

When a Horse Needs Shoes – Part 5 – Written by Andrew Bowe

The Wilde Side – By Rides on the Wild Side

Rider Profile – Written by Stephen Halfpenny

Herb – Calendula Written by Hetty Tapper