Inside this issue:

Horsing Around the world – Wicken Fen Written by Jane Myers

Subzero: The People’s Horse Written by Alex Mullarky

Weaving Connections (Chilean horse hair weaver) Written by Alex Mullarky

Pasture Bites: November Grass Wet + Warm = Growth Written by Jill Griffiths

Equine Permaculture Design: Part 6 – Eight Ways to Manage Run-Off and Control Erosion Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Cleared for Landing Written by Dr Amy Little

Reducing the Risk of Laminitis Written by Mitavite Specialist Nutrition Team

Ponies Don’t Live Forever Written by Andrew Bowe

Super Fibres and Hydration Written by Karen Richardson

Feeding Horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome Written by Hygain – Tania Cubit

European Workshop on Equine Nutrition: Part 1 Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

The Back is the Linchpin Written by Naomi Miller

Rider Balance and Position Part 7: Your Coach Written by Jane Myers

Moving Welfare Forward: When Freedom is Not Enough Written by Dr Lesley Hawson

Equilbirum Supplements Written by Equilibrium

A Simple Aid to Enhance Core Training for Riders Written by Alexandria Bailey

Arnica Written by Hetty Tapper

Going to the Dogs Written by Jill Griffiths