Inside this Issue:

Rider Profile  Written by Karen Norris

In-depth article — Neurological Diseases Written by Dr Natasha Hovanessian

Breed Feature – The Australian Stockhorse Written by The Australian Stock Horse Society

Feeding the Hot horse  Written by Hygain

Going on the trail  Written by Lindsey Vincent

Fact Sheet – Time to foal or call your vet  Written by Louise Cosgrove

Fact Sheet – Butrition of the orphan foal  Written by Gordon Rick

Welcoming Science to the Arena  Written by Lisa Ashton

Wound Treatment – Part 3 Complicated wounds  Written by Sarah Van Dyk

Care and monitoring of your newborn foal  Written by Andrew van Eps

Taking the guesswork out of choosing hay – Part 4 – Choosing the right hay for your horse  Written by Mariette van den Berg

When a horse needs shoes – Part 1 – A story with legs Written by Andrew Bowe

Western herbal Medicine  Written by Megan Kearney

Herb article – Garlic  Written by Hetty Tapper