Inside this Issue:

Cover Photo – Riding out 2020 Ashelee Capizzi and Mary Written by Cristina Wilkins

A History of Diagrams and Illustrations in Riding Manuals Written by Dr Georgina Downey

The book that inspired my way of life Written by Judith Newton

Watering systems and troughs Written by Dr Carol Stephens

Get to know your grasses, Part 3: tropical season grasses Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Protecting your horse during transport Written by Fitton HorseInsure

Bridle fitting for welfare Written by Natascha van Eijk

Are you ready for equine agency? Written by Dr Kirrilly Thompson

Inside out: Legitimacy Written by Lisa Ashton

Setting good ground rules Part 4: Yielding the shoulders Written by Sophie Wyllie

Race-2-Ride: A better transition Written by Kate Fenner

Recovering your worth Written by Tanja Mitton

Herbal sense: Self-heal bach flower essence Written by Hetty Tapper

Get the show on the road: Campfire cooked pasta carbonara Written by Peter Wolfe

Green Pony Blog: Still the same horse Written by Jill Griffiths