Inside this magazine you will find:

Front Cover Story: Confidence Boost: The heartwarming story of young horse woman Chloe Durkin and her horse Halo, photographed by Louise Sedgman as part of The Sweet Teen Project, raising funds for Headspace Australia.

Equestrian culture and lifestyle:

  • Horses and People in Art: The Heavy Horse in Australian Art; written by Dr Georgina Downey.

Sustainable horse management:

  • Sustainable Horse Keeping: ‘Opening the Doors to Good Welfare’; by Jessica Morton
  • Equine Permaculture: ‘5 Ways to Improve Your Pastures in Winter’; written by Dr Mariette van den Berg.
  • ‘Caring for Your Training Arena’; independent content sponsored by Fitton HorseInsure

Health, Welfare and Research:

  • Impact of Birth Trauma on Performance and Welfare, Part 4: Treatment and Rehabilitation Strategies; by Dr Ian Bidstrup
  • Stifle Lameness, Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment? by Dr Marta Wereszka
  • Life-saving Thoroughbreds by Plasvacc
  • Science Critique 101: Is Bigger Really Better? by Dr Kirrilly Thompson

Evidence-based horse and rider training:

  • From the Experts: ‘The Coaching Sweet Spot Part 1: Balancing Tradition and Science’; by Sue Halden-Brown
  • Horse Training Course: ‘6-reasons why you don’t need to send your horse away for training’; by Dr Kate Fenner

Sustainable Future for Horse Sports

  • Rider Mindset: ‘Be Kind to Yourself’; written by Tanja Mitton

Blogs and tips:

  • Herbal Sense: ‘Garlic’; compiled by Hetty Tapper.
  • Get the Show on the Road: ‘Dream Pot Corned Beef’;
  • Herd in the Paddock Blog: ‘New Horse Jitters’; written by Jill Griffiths