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Emergency Evacuation Plan

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Emergency Evacuation Plan

Do you have an Emergency Evacuation Plan? Can you get all your horses out, before a natural disaster hits? How? And where will you go? A plan is essential for all horse owners.

The emergency event management approach needs to vary with each type of emergency event (bushfire, flood, cyclone, etc). However, in all situations, the better prepared you are, the better survival chances for all your family and animals.

Animal evacuation from a emergency event area must occur in a prepared and coordinated manner, but in reality many people put themselves and others at risk attempting to rescue horses at the last minute. Leaving early requires planning, as many horse owners don’t have the vehicles or enough vehicles, resources, experience and practice to move all their animals under a variety of conditions.

Horse management priorities during a emergency event should focus on immediate safety, this easy to read fact sheet will help you put a plan in place and includes many options that can help you plan how to protect your horses and your family during an emergency event.

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