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Equestrian Coach Challenge II: Thriving over Surviving

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For 2 weeks, starting on 16th November, EquiCoach Lisa Ashton is launching the 2nd Equestrian Coach Challenge, designed specifically to help coaches navigate these uncertain and changing times but made accessible to anyone who wants to come out of 2020 stronger.

Coaches who took part in the first challenge earlier this year nominated the program for several awards, including the UK Coaching Award in COVID 2020.

Running weekdays over Zoom (and recorded to give you flexibility), the programme dives into the elements affecting horse sports’ social licence to operate and learning to navigate the social media landscape with more confidence.

You will come out with invaluable information, tools and resources to help you become an influencing and socially responsible equestrian coach.

Between 10 am and 12pm UK time, weekdays for two weeks, Lisa will discuss and demonstrate ways to improve your equestrian business’ legitimacy, transparency, communication and public trust – the four pillars of a social licence to operate.

From capitalising on your strengths to helping you turn mistakes into wins, from how to show up on social media to the how-to of running digital training for your clients.

By the end of the challenge you will be ready mentally and practically to work online and give your clients exactly what they need… YOU.

You can also join the challenge if you are not a coach! Just say on joining. We are all in this together and this challenge is inclusive of everyone.

The course will run over 2 weeks and costs £50.

All you need to do right now is click here to join.

Learn more about a social licence to operate in Lisa’s most recent book: Horse Welfare from the Inside Out

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