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Ice N Easy Equine is now providing cold therapy solutions specifically for the equine industry.

In the sporting industry, Ice N Easy is synonymous with quality. Their cold therapy products see teams such as the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Union, Sunshine Coast Lightning Netball, Brisbane Bullets Basketball, Canterbury Bankstown Rugby League and the Australian Diving team, all choosing the Sunshine Coast based Ice N Easy to manage acute soft tissue injuries.

Ice N Easy have boldly transferred their 27 years of expert knowledge and dedication to their craft, to announce their sub-brand, Ice N Easy Equine, providing cold therapy solutions specifically for the equine industry.

“Ice N Easy have been working tirelessly to introduce a quality treatment solution that provides versatility, efficiency and effectiveness for owners, riders and the horse athlete.

“We have combined our years of knowledge and expertise with the advice and collaboration of key Equine Physiotherapists and Veterinary Equine Surgeons to provide two great offerings in cold therapy for soft tissue injuries and surgery recovery for site specific treatment of the Navicular, Fetlock, Cannon, Knee and Hock”

Unique and backed by research

Ice N Easy Equine product offerings are very different to what is currently in the market. The Ice N Easy system revolve around the reusable ice bag in which Craig states; “Ice N Easy’s reusable bag is one aspect of the product where we demand perfection, in quality, the reduction rate of the ice melting and in the transfer of the cool temperatures to the injured site”.

Ice N Easy’s confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their reusable ice bag is justified when Craig adds; “unbeknown to us, a scientific study* by three orthopaedic surgeons determined our products cool the injured site quicker and sustain that temperature for a longer period of time”.

This study was published in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine journal.

Craig backs his confidence in the company with their 3-year warranty, a marquee of their trust in the ice bag technology.

It is difficult not to notice the influence of Ice N Easy’s history in the sporting arena in their development of this product, with its clear intention to be alongside competitors in the equestrian, eventing, dressage or campdraft arena, showcasing its efficient use, small storage and easy to clean features.

Ice N Easy Equine, providing cold therapy solutions specifically for the equine industry.

Recommended by experts

Olivia Lindley divulges on our suspicion, “I take my Ice N Easy everywhere, I love how versatile they are and easy to use. I just fill my Ice N Easy before I go to competition and keep it in the esky before the event and use it throughout. You just never know when or what you are going to have to ice and to have the Ice N Easy there with me really gives me confidence”.

When comparing the two products, the Equine Double has the look and feel of years of research and development with a clear aim of addressing high volumes of swelling in specific joints or muscle groups.

The Equine Double most definitely delivers in providing significant compression and complete coverage of all joints, especially the Hock.

“The fact the Equine Double covers the entire joint is great for post-surgery” explains Dr Stephen Raynor from Darling Down Vets, “the ability to use a single ice bag in the double strap to target focal injuries is advantageous.”

The Equine Double visibly concentrates on a specific injured site whilst being comfortable for the horse.

Ice N Easy’s step into the Equine industry is one to watch in the future as this versatile, effective and efficient product has the experts’ tick of approval and care for the horse at the apex of all decisions.