Did you know you can also show from home? Many equestrian communities can organise online horse shows, allowing riders to upload video of their performances to be judged remotely.

**Editor’s note: We will be updating this post as news of new online competitions emerge!

Social distancing measures are disrupting everyone’s lives, horse shows, from large to small are being cancelled all around the world. But today’s technology gives unique opportunities to stay connected and people everywhere are responding with innovative ideas to help us keep doing what they love most. 

Italians may be singing from their balconies, but especially in Australia, most horse riders can still get outside and ride their horses. Those of us lucky enough to be in good health and have our horses at home, can enjoy them even during self-isolation. We know that horses provide so many benefits! They will help us through this difficult time, motivating us to stay active, healthy and connected.

If horse shows are one of the big motivators in your life, check out this handful of groups that are rising to the challenges ahead by moving their shows to an online platform. Even if this short list is not relevant to your preferred discipline, it may inspire your own equestrian community to follow a similar line!

** Horse Competitions Online are based in Australia and offer Dressage (Equestrian Australia rules and tests), Western Dressage (rules and tests of the Western Dressage Association of America) as well as Trail events. Check their website and follow on Facebook Horse Competitions Online.

** North American Western Dressage have been offering virtual shows since 2015 and have a very open and inclusive policy, as well as progressive rules that align with the latest knowledge in horse welfare. Read this article to find out more.

** Bitless Inc. Australia’s Only National Equestrian Association representing riders, drivers and groundwork handlers who want to train and compete bitless, bridle-less or at liberty is also running online horse shows, so check them out and join!

** HayGrazer E-Rider is a UK-based small business and Facebook community who is rising to the challenge – seeking to help as many horse businesses, groups and clubs affected by the cancellation of events. They offer dressage competitions and a wide range of classes from bareback to veterans and everything more ‘normal’ in between! Go to their website.

** The Standardbred Association of Queensland (SAQ) just announced they will be running their first qualifying event toward the 2020 Queensland Standardbred Track To Hack Series as an online horse show, following the cancellation of the Warwick Agricultural Show, and plan to do the same with other events that have to be cancelled. Check their Facebook Page for more information.

** The SAFE 2020 Online Arabian Show – as their name suggests – is another Australian virtual option, it has a great range of classes – check out their Facebook group.