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Horses and People Magazine November-December 2021 Issue


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Horses and People Magazine Nov-Dec 2021 print issue.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in evidence-based, ethical horse health, welfare, training and management.

Our mission is advancing One Welfare by finding solutions that benefit horses, people and the planet.

You get information and inspiration from an exceptional group of like-minded experts, horsemen and horsewomen on all fields of ethical horsemanship.

Inside this magazine you will find:

Front Cover Story: ‘Growing Trust’. Blackie, the senior Water-QH cross mare is showing 9-year-old Zoe the joy of learning to trust. They were photographed by Louise Sedgman Photography at their property overlooking the Bunyip State Forest in Victoria.

Equestrian Culture and Lifestyle:

  • Horses and People in Art: The Gift Horse in Art History; written by Dr Georgina Downey.

The gifting of horses is an ancient practice in many cultures. Historically a sign of respect or allegiance, it has been a way of bonding that’s been going on since horses were first domesticated. Let’s celebrate this Festive season with a look at some famous gift horses.   

Sustainable Horse Management:

  • A World of Horses: ‘Rewilding in a European Context’; by Jessica Morton

While generally regarded as positive to the earth’s sustainability, rewilding projects  are also raising complex and sometimes unforeseen ethical and legal considerations. Jessica Morton reports on the positive and negatives of some of the European experiences.   

  • Equine Permaculture: ‘Extreme Weather Ahead!’; written by Dr Mariette van den Berg.

A long-term plan and a desire to see your horses healthy and happy are all the motivation you need to build your land’s resilience in the face of more frequent weather extremes. In Part 2 of a 5-part series, Mariette discusses the impact and risks of water-related events to help you prepare.

  • ‘Essential Farm Equipment’; independent content sponsored by Fitton HorseInsure

If you keep your horses on acreage at home, you will soon develop a compelling urge to go shopping for more horsepower – of the sort that will make the never-ending list of stable and pasture management tasks easier. Here’s a useful list of must-have farm equipment.

Health, Welfare and Research:

  • ‘Body Condition Scoring in the Real World’ by Geralding Chapman

The result of a decade-long passion for body condition scoring in the real world, this article is essential reading for every horse owner. From what it is and why it is important to horses and their welfare, to how to score different types correctly. And it includes a FREE Poster! 

  • ‘Electrolytes for Performance’ by Kentucky Equine Research

In the exercising horse, sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium are lost in sweat and urine. And while is is essential that owners provide electrolytes for their performance horse, electrolyte preparations must be properly formulated to meet the horse’s needs. Learn more. 

  • ‘Skin Conditions’ by Dr Robin van den Boom

Skin problems can sometimes be easy to recognise and treat but at other times, can be very difficult to diagnose and frustrating to treat. In this article you will learn how veterinarians go about finding the possible cause so they can determine the most effective treatment. 

• Science Critique 101 Part 3: Research Bias and Biased Research

While there’s no such thing as perfect research, we must never reject findings that don’t fit our existing views. If we do that, we risk failing to see the bigger picture. In part 3 of this series, Kirrilly explains the difference between research bias and biased research. 

Evidence-based Horse and Rider Training:

  • From the Experts: ‘The Coaching Sweet Spot Part 3: It’s About Learning; by Sue Halden-Brown

Equestrian instruction used to be about what to teach, and how. Today, at last, it’s all about learning. To help our riders and their horses learn productively, first we must ask some questions, from who the learner is, to what they need to learn and how they learn effectively. 

  • Working In-Hand Part 2: Getting Started; by Tanja Bornmann

Learning in-hand work may appear difficult and confusing at the beginning, but, with a bit of practice and some theoretical background knowledge, you will quickly learn this training method. It’s worth the additional effort and you should see results of your hard labour in no time. 

  • Horse Training Course: ‘Challenge Yourself’; by Dr Kate Fenner

So many of the everyday activities we do with our horses, and in particular the way we do things, are based on tradition rather than evidence. In this issue, Kate challenges you to rethink the way you interact with, train and even ride your horse – to build a stronger bond.

Sustainable Horse Sports

  • Rider Mindset: ‘Releasing the Pressure’; written by Tanja Mitton

There are many situations in our daily lives when the pressure is too high for us to bear. But what if you applied some strategies that released the pressure of expectation? How would your life change if you were kinder to yourself? Check out Tanja’s mindset strategies!

Blogs and tips:

  • Herbal Sense: ‘Meadowsweet’; compiled by Hetty Tapper.
  • Get the Show on the Road: ‘Stained Glass Window Cake’;
  • Herd in the Paddock Blog: Turning Her Out; written by Jill Griffiths

This and more, in the Horses and People Magazine current print issue – November-December 2021!

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