A review of bitless riding and driving

The Big Bitless Boniform: A World-first Review of Bitless Riding and Driving

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A review of bitless riding and driving

On World Bitless Horse Day, 5th September, 2020, Bitless Inc announced The Big Bitless Boniform, a world-first review of bitless and bridleless riders and drivers in Australia, and around the world.

Supporting the survey is a host of worldwide sponsors providing prizes to those who complete the survey. With Lightrider Bitless Bridles, Punk Ponies, Equiculture, International Horse Agility Club, Muddy Creek Raingear, Author Hertha James, Equine Partnership, Artist Amy Curran, Gills Gadget Market and Horses and People Magazine all backing the event, The Big Bitless Boniform is expected to receive an overwhelming response from the bitless community.

Take part now! A review of bitless riding and driving

Gill Shepherd, Bitless Inc. Secretary, and her equine assistant will be drawing the prize winners in four weekly draws during the Big Bitless Boniform, via a live Facebook stream, commencing on 15th September, 2020 at 5pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

The final draw takes place on 6th October, 2020.

Despite the rapidly growing popularity of bitless riding and driving over the past 30 years, many equestrian organisations and competitive events are reluctant to permit bitless horses to participate.

Bitless riding and driving has an excellent safety record, and the backing of multiple research studies demonstrating that bitless horses are more relaxed, display fewer unwanted behaviours, and are therefore happier.

“The discrimination against bitless equines is based on an unwillingness to modernise’ says Karri Nadazdy, Bitless Inc President, “there is a general lack of understanding of how bitless
bridles work, and how quickly and easily most horses transition to bitless. There is no valid reason not to allow bitless equines in all equestrian sports.”

Currently, it is unknown how many bitless riders and drivers exist in the world, and The Big Bitless Boniform intends to provide a realistic estimate on numbers. The Big Bitless Boniform asks participants questions about their recent bitless and bridleless riding and driving experiences, whether they wish to compete, and what they feel needs to happen in the future.

Anyone who rides or drives bitless or bridleless is invited to complete the survey and enter the competition at www.bitlessinc.org.au.

To read about the physiological benefits of bit-free riding click here.

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