A horse welfare guide based on the Five Domains Model for Animal Welfare Assessment by Horses and People magazineHorse Welfare Assessment Guide

This guide is an adaptation of the Five Domains Model of Welfare Assessment and Monitoring that shows how it can be applied to achieve good horse welfare.

The model has four physical or functional domains and a mental domain that acknowledges the horse’s experience. 

The aim for providing good welfare is to achieve physical and functional well-being, as well as give horses the opportunity to experience positive emotions in all areas: nutrition, health, environment, behaviour and interactions with humans. 

 It is adapted by Cristina Wilkins, Horses and People Magazine, from Mellor, D.J. (2017). Operational details of the Five Domains Model and its key applications to the assessment and management of animal welfare. Animals 7(8), 60. doi: 10.3390/ani7080060 

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