Inside this issue:

Musical Rides  Written by Bert Hartog

Rider Profile: Warwick Schiller

Major Feature – Tendon Injuries  Written by Dr Annemarie Kemminck

Tendon Injuries: Treatment and prognosis  Written by Dr Luke Wells -Smith

Quipolly Equine Centre to study the efficacy of Stem Cell Therapy to treat SDFT lesions Written by Tony Batterham

What should I feed my PSSM horse?  Written by Hygain

Breed Feature — The American Saddlebred  Written by Janine Lyons

The Spin  Written by Lindsay Vincent

Does Symmetry exist? – Written by Lisa Ashton

New RDA facility opens in Redlands QLD  Written by Janet Camilleri

Breathing life into the War Horse Written by Horses and People

Cavalia continues to win over QLD Written by Horses and People

Holstic Planning for Horse & Land Owners – Pastures for Horses Part 3 – Tropical Grasses  Written by Mariette van den Berg

Equitation Science for Horse Owners  Written by Lisa Ashton

Practical feeding Hints for Horses  Written by Virbac

Equine Bowen Therapy  Written by Saranyu Pearson

The Truth About Breakover  Written by Andrew Bowe