Inside this Issue:

In-depth Health From The Equine Dental Vets – The Mare Cycle Written by Miesja Reynolds

Colic Series – Part 1 Written by Kylie Schaaf

Check your horses digital pulse  Written by H & P

Holistic Planning for Horse and Land owners Part 2 Written by Mariette van den Berg

Off The Track – Ethical Re-Training  Written by Jody Hartstone and Nicolette Barrett

Equine Manupulation  Written by Tony Hanegraaf

Science Corner – Laminitis Case Study  Written by Laiza Sherar

Responsible Nutrition  Written by Tim Kempton

Dental Health on a mini scale  Written by Shannon Lee

From Genomics to the Winning Post… 2012 Australian Equine Science Symposium  Written by Mariette van den Berg

Hoof Care: The Thin Sole Dilemma Written by Andrew Bowe

The Cat Breeding Season  Written by Rod Stephenson

The Gypsy Cob Written by Gypsy Cob Association

Meet Kym Corn Written by Kym Corn