Inside this issue:

Major Feature – Parasites –  Written by Natasha Hovanessian

Breed Feature – The Pinto – Written by Katy Driver and Kao Castle

The Art Of Body Condition Scoring – Written by Hygain

Ideal Guy’s Track to Hack Story – Part 7 –  Written by Alistair McLean

Winter Blues – Managing arthritis in older horses – Written by Sarah Van Dyk

A jump ahead with Jen Hamilton (Part 2) – Written by Jen Hamilton

Equine Jobs – Written by Mary Peterson

Health & Feeding Tips for Winter – Written by Larissa Bilston

Improve your riding and confidence – Written by Lisa Ashton

Phoenix Rising – a baefoot trimming case study – Written by Mike Becks

Exploring Australia’s Horse Heritage -Written by Kirsten Wehner

Horses inside and Out  Australian Tour – Written by Cristina Wilkins

Rider Profile – Written by Natalie McNeil

Herb – Eyebright- Written by Hetty Tapper