Inside this Issue:

In-depth Health with Equine Dental Vets – Skin Diseases by Written by Chris Heisler

Skin Allergies by  Written by Hygain

Queensland Itch  Written by Tabitha Jones

Training Series – A Marriage of science and training Written by Lindsay Vincent

A record breaking training success  Written by Cristina Wilkins

Ride For Life – Horse ride for Cancer Written by Anne Wilson

Holistic Planning for Horse and Land Owners – Part 6 Pasture Management  Written by Mariette van den Berg

Science Corner: Myths Debunked? Written by Laiza Sherar and Lisa Ashton and Clementia Watson

Tick Alert… Your foal could be in danger  Written by Nicole Clarke

Minimising Travel Fatigue Written by Virbac

Equine CranioSacral Therapy  Written by Caroline Hamilton

Hoof Care: An inconvenient Hoof Written by Andrew Bowe

Meet Para-Equestrian Grace Bowman