Inside this issue:

Flip The Lip – Bits and Bitting demystified  Written by EDV – Shannon Lee

Developing the Topline  Written by Hygain – Tania Cubitt

The Paint  Written by Paint Horse Association

Ideal Guy’s Track to hack Story – Final Part – Training Principles  Written by Alistair McLean

A Model For Change -The Royal Dick School of Vet Studies Written by Cristina Wilkins

Exercised – Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage Written by WestVets – Jane Groendyke

The Trouble with Donkey Hooves Written by Mayfield Barehoof Care Centre – Andrew Bowe

Students take your words for gospel Written by Horse Riding Coach – Bert Hartog

A Jump Ahead – Par 6 Developing your options on-course Written by Jen Hamilton

Exploring Australia’s Horse Heritage atht e national musem of Australia Written by Martha Sear

Staying Healthy in Summer Written by Equine Vit & Min – Larissa Bilston

Equine Acupressure and Nerve Damage Written by Wild Horses Naturally – Sue Wild

Herb – Licorice Written by Hetty Tapper