Inside this issue:

In-depth Health with equine Dental Vets – Managing stud stallions Written by Dr Leanne Polsen

Chilled Semen Written by John Chopin, J Rodgers and A Gunn

Housing Stallions  Written by Amanda Warren-Smith

Dental Care of the stallion  Written by Shannon Lee

Training Series – Training the Reining Horse Part 2 — colt starting Written by Lindsay Vincent

Special Report on the Hendra Vaccine  Written by Nathan Anthony

Science Corner: Do steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Effect Viability of Equine Semen Written by Laiza Sherar

Insect compound may help treat laminits  Written by UC Davies

Holistic Pastures Management for  Horse and Land Owners Part 1 – Grass Species  Written by Mariette van den Berg

Health Watch: Windgalls  Written by Craig Simon

Hoof Care: The Stallion Advantage  Written by Andrew Bowe

Can we give horses what they want? Written by Alison Averis

Equine Osteopathy  Written by Australia Chiropractic Association

Meet Showjumper Gemma Creighton Written by Gemma Creighton