Inside this Issue:

The Doctor Who Spent A Fortune On His First Horse Written by Bert Hartog

Rider Profile – Wayne Armstrong Written by Wayne Armstrong

Major Feature – Sedation, Anaesthesia Written by Chris Quinn

Pain and Stress Free Dental Exams Written by Shannon Lee

Breed Feature – The Akhal Teke  Written by  By The Australian Akhal Teke Association

Stress Free Loading  Written by Lindsay Vincent

DIY Wound Treatment Part 1  Written by Sarah Van Dyke

You may get semen from a horse, but you can’t always make it freeze  Written by Wynne Collins

A Horse is a Horse .. but is it in the mood to learn  Written by Cristina Wilkins

A Winnning Diet Part 1  Written by Jane Roberts

Taking the Guesswork out of choosing hay – Part 2 – Choosing Roughage Written by Mariette van den Berg

Alternative Roughage Sources  Written by Hygain

Get A Grip  Written by Andrew Bowe

The Hussars Ride Again – By John & Elaine Couzens Written by John and Elaine Couzens

Equine Positional Release – By Zarna Carter Written by Zarna Carter

Fenugreek – By Hetty Tapper Written by Hetty Tapper