Inside this issue:

Cover photo by Averil Crebbin – Picture the Moment Photography Written by Cristina Wilkins

Finding Your Own Way Written by Cristina Wilkins

Horsing Around The World – The Icelandic Horses Written by Linda Zupanc

Grounded Hoofcare (Maja Stocker) Written by Alex Mullarky

Grass Farmers: July The Equicental System Written by Jane & Stuart Myers

Plant of month: Phalaris / Weed: Bracken Written by Cristina Wilkins

Equine Permaculture: Your Pasture Pharmacy Part 2: Plant Toxins Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

EDV: Your horse’s signs of health Written by Rachel O’Higgins

Micrbeet – A True Super Fibre Written by Hygain – Tania Cubitt

Health Watch: Endocrinopathic Laminitis with Simon Bailey Written by Jessica Whinfield and Simon Bailey

The Sacroiliac Joint Written by Naomi Miller

Horse Training Course: Learning to Give Part 1: From the Ground Written by Kate Fenner

The Saddle Fit Guide Written by Line Gree and Sue Dyson

Mindset for Success: Making Time for Yourself Written by Tanja Mitton

Clary Sage Written by Hetty Tapper

Magnum Industries: A Proven Track Record in Equine Products Written by Magnum Industries

Green Pony: Calming the Dragon Written by Jill Griffiths