Inside this issue:

Heart Disease Written by EDV – Dr Katharyn Mitchell

Feeding for Joint Health Written by Hygain – Dr Stephen Duren

The Fjord Written by The Australian Pony Stud Book Society

Boost Your Desssage Scores with Learning Theory – Part 4 Written by Manuela McLean

A Case of Thumps Written by WestVets – Dr Katelyn McNicol

MSM and Healthy Hooves Written by Andrew Bowe

Understanding Exclusions Written by Fitton HorseInsure

Rider Posture Written by Annette Willson

Horses Inside Out 2014 Conference Written by Lisa Ashton

The Queen of the Paddock Written by Horse Riding Coach – Bert Hartog

Riding Side Saddle keeping the dream alive Written by Wendy Tidbold

Rider Profile Written by Alison Rowland

Herb – Fennel Written by Hetty Tapper