Inside this issue:

Equine Osteoarthritis Written by EDV – James Myer

Feeding the showhorse Written by Hygain – Steven Duren

The Asturcon: Written by Cristina Wilkins

Boost your Dressage Scores with learning theory – Part 1 Written by Andrew and Manuela McLean

Myth Busters – Can horses sense fear in humans Written by Dominique Fennelly

Myth Busters – Melanoma development is more common in grey horses Written by Carly Severs

Myth Busters – Lacking evidence in the benefits of equine nutraceutical joint supplements Written by Brook Purcell

What your horses bloods tell us Written by Katelyn McNicol – Westvets

A jump ahead with Jen Hamilton – Final part – Training and Coaching Written by Jen Hamilton

Insurance Matters Written by Fitton Horse Insure

Bringing out the best in trainers Written by Bert Hartog

Maintenance Trimming for horse owners Written by Andrew Bowe

Managing horses in groups Written by Cristina Wilkins and Tom Davis

Equine Head Shaking Written by Lorraine Roberts

Rider Profile  Written by Leanne Coban

Herb – Burdock Written by Hetty Tapper