Inside this issue:

Major Feature – Dental Anatomy – What you need to know – By Shannon Lee Written by Shannon Lee

Breed Feature – The Cleveland Bay

Enhanced Feed Digestibility – By Hygain

Ideal Guy’s track-to-hack story – Part 4 – Written by Alistair McLean

Rehab Story – Soli’s Story

Collection – developing the top line – By Kathrin Kienapfel Written by Kathrin Kienapfel

Equine Infectious Anamia – By Christine Myer (WestVets)

The Back and Beyond By Lisa Ashton Written by Lisa Ashton

Desensitising to spooky objects and water – By Lindsey Vincent Written by Lindsey Vincent

Prebiotics Digestive Health – By David Wood (horse Power) Written by David Wood

We are teachers through and through – By Bert Hartog Written by Bert Hartog

Pilates for Horses – Part 7 – By Gillian Higgins Written by Gillian Higgins

Ideal Guy’s track-to-hack Story – Hoof rehabilitation – By Andrew Bowe Written by Andrew Bowe

Mounted Police Unit – behind the scenes – ByMark Paroz Written by Mark Paroz

Rider Profile – Matt Charles Written by Matt Charles

Herb – Hawthorn – By Hetty Tapper Written by Hetty Tapper